Health Services

Access your health records anywhere anytime. Share your records with third-party.


Access your tax records and lodge your tax return online.

Employment Services

Find a job or receive government assistance if you have been unemployed for a long time.


Our Nature

As a society, we should be caring for our nature

From our unique wildlife to our awe-inspiring landscapes, it is incredibly important to protect globally significant nature.

A wide range of stakeholders including all levels of government, tourism bodies, environmental charities, land managers and the general public have a major stake in ensuring it’s treated well and properly funded.

Most people know that a healthy environment is closely linked to prosperity, and perhaps because of this we seem to take it for granted that our nature is being well looked after by the powers that be.

Our Culture

There is far more to Moonyland than just the nature. Moonyland culture is just as diverse as the landscape. Our history might not be long, but we are proud of it and our many great artists.

We are proud to share many aspects of our land, art and culture with visitors. Indeed there has never been a better time to make your own journey to our land. From desert dunes to tropical shores, there are astonishing contrasts in the landscape.

With a guarantee of religious freedom, no state violence, and laws strictly forbidding discrimination based on race, gender, disability or other factors, Moonyland is by many standards and measurements considered a world leader when it comes to the human rights enjoyed by its people.